Begoña Raventós dies, Origin of Boscana

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Sunday January 19, 2020, Begoña Raventós Chalbaud has died in Barcelona at 71 years old., ..

Bego has been the origin of Boscana.

As Ana Tere Raventos says, her sister and president: Boscana was founded by her, not for her, so Boscana will continue its journey offering their services to meet the families who are now living here and the ones who will come on the future..

Boscana was founded in 1961 and will continue, God willing, many more years.

The St Gervasi Tanatorio. will be open tomorrow, Monday, January 20, from 16 pm. The funeral will be held on Tuesday 21st January at 10,30am,in the same tanatorio.

Begoña, We will not forget you.