Since Boscana we think “person”, not in “disability”, the person as a citizen, which has its voice to decide what you want, giving resources to help the most. “You can, you know, you are worth and therefore, You believe in yourself”.

Boscana He started its activities in 1961 recorded as Special Education School and then move to provide services occupational therapy center and residential services,es.

The Boscana Foundation was established on June 4, 1987, FOUNDATION and ranked by the Generalitat de Catalunya on January 15, 1988, registered in the "Register of Foundations of the Generalitat of Catalonia" with the number 346.

Foundation Boscana fue por Asistencial declared the "Directorate General for Law and Legal Entities of the Generalitat of Catalonia", on January 20, 1988.

Private Foundation Boscana It is a non-profit organization registered as "Private Entitat d 'Social Initiative" with the number EO1211.

Its statutes are adapted to current legislation, and the Board has the task of controlling the foundational objectives are met.


  • Attention, education and care of people with intellectual disabilities
  • Care and support to parents and families
  • Work habits for better autonomy
  • Encourage responsibility and teamwork
  • Working social relations
  • Constantly improve the quality of life of users


  • Occupational Therapy Center
  • Residence
  • Home-Residence
  • temporary stays – respiros


Ensure the improvement of the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities so they can achieve maximum autonomy, enabling their integration and participation in society.


Care for people with intellectual disabilities throughout their entire life cycle and to be recognized as a benchmark company in the field of intellectual disability by giving quality answers to the different needs of the people served and their families.


Respect, for the disabled, your families, professionals and the rest of society, giving special attention to preserve the dignity of the first.
Commitment, focused on the needs of people with intellectual disabilities and their families, offering equal opportunities.
Professionalism, people committed to Boscana.
Responsibility, through proper coordination between all actors serving people Boscana.
Sustainability, of Boscana, ensuring optimization of economic resources, environmental and social, to ensure balance and permanence in time Boscana.


The Board is the governing body, representation and management of the Foundation. Its powers are set out in the Bylaws of the Foundation to find attached to the bottom of the page.

  • Ms. Ana Teresa Raventos, President
  • Ms. Maria del Mar Raventos, Vice-president
  • D. But Luis, Secretary
  • D. Augustine Borrell, Vocal
  • D. Raimon Bundó, Vocal
  • D. Alfons Conesa, Vocal
  • D. Consuelo Crespo, Vocal
  • D. Antonio Crous, Vocal
  • Ms. Begoña de Ros,es, Vocal
  • Ms. Ellen Carandini, Vocal

The team of Boscana consists of professionals who know their job and with a great capacity for dedication and enthusiasm.

Ellen Carandini, Foundation Director Boscana (perfil Linkedin)


The Foundation is financed mainly from the fees paid by users of,,es,We have the collaboration of companies and individuals,,es,Presentación Boscana 2019,,gl,Global Compact,,es,NN.UU,,mt,Annual accounts,,es Boscana y la colaboración de donantes en la bolsa de becas.

Contamos con la colaboración de empresas y particulares, with donating goods, hours of their time and financial contributions, help defray the stock grants and carry out activities for users.

Convenios con el IMD, Institut Municipal de persones amb discapacitat, del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona, la Generalitat de Catalunya y la Diputación de Barcelona.

Annual accounts are presented to the Foundation Foundations Protectorate of the Generalitat de Catalunya.