• Occupational Therapy Service

    For people with a degree of disability equal or superior to 65%,es, from 18. Have plaza subsidized by the Generalitat of Catalonia.

  • Residence Service

    Intended for people with intellectual disabilities. Combine manipulative activities, educational and leisure.

  • Home Service-Residence

    Intended for people with intellectual disabilities, which usually combined with the Occupational Therapy Service Boscana. 24 hours a day, the 365 days of the year.

  • Service "Breath"

    Intended for people with intellectual disabilities, of any age, It is providing a respite for carers. For days, weeks, weekends, etc.. Donate: Barcelona Provincial Council.

  • Medical Services

    General Medical Services, Psychiatry, Psychology, Neurology and Nursing.

  • Physiothe- rapy and sports

    Boscana has a physical therapist who offers individual sessions postural rehabilitation and education. Full sports program: tennis, petanque, trekking, yoga, fitness, basketball, paddle and swimming.

  • Summer and Christmas camps

    Full program of recreational activities organized at the Centre workshops, sports, excursiones, interesting visits and water games in the pool Boscana.

  • Trips and excursions

    Using the resources of the neighborhood, participating in activities of the city, visiting museums, shows and musicals. Excursions to places of interest.